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 Welcome to Adult Instruction in the Christian Faith!


Our classes meet via Zoom on Monday evenings at 7:45pm. Please contact Shari Reaves at [email protected] to receive the Zoom link.



Why Jesus?

Why Jesus? With all the religions in the world, what makes Christianity unique? The Christian faith teaches that God sent Jesus to restore our relationship. He connected to us!

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Why the Bible?

Why the Bible -- Christians believe that the Bible is God Himself speaking to us, but what makes it stand out as authoritative, reliable and worthy of our attention?

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God's Law

 God's Law - Nobody likes rules, even rules from God. His rules may be the hardest because they are impossible to keep. Yet God has loving purposes in mind in revealing His law to us.

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Nature of God


Nature of God - We can't fully understand all that God is and yet He reveals Himself as one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through what the Son Jesus has done for us, God reveals His supreme attribute to a broken world: love.


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Who is Jesus Christ?


Jesus is the most influential historical figure that ever lived. Who is He? What is it about Jesus that changed the world - and can change your life too?


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Who is the Holy Spirit?


The Holy Spirit - As the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit's desire is to bring us to faith in God and then to always be with us through all circumstances.


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Prayer - It's just talking to God; it's telling Him what's on our minds; it's honestly conversing with the most powerful Being imaginable - and knowing that He is our Father!


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Baptism - Through Baptism God makes amazing promises to you - just to you - that your sins are forgiven and you have become His child. And God always keeps this His promises.


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Confession and Absolution


Confession and Absolution - Ever had guilt that weighed you down? It would not just go away no matter how hard you tried to shake it? Through Confession and Absolution, God speaks through the church to apply forgiveness, His forgiveness, to our sin.


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What are you eating and drinking in Communion? More than meets the eye! Jesus delivers His forgiveness through this meal. For Christians, partaking of Communion is vital - a real encounter with God.


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The End of Time


What happens when this world comes to an end? At that time, Jesus will return in His power and glory; heaven and earth will be destroyed, and a new heaven and new earth-where righteousness dwells-will be created: the Garden of Eden 2.0


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Christian Life

Christian Life - Let's go! But how do you live a Christian life? The summary is that it is all about love, living in a way that shows our love for God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.


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 Welcome to Catechism Classes!

An important part of our faith life in Jesus Christ is preparation for the Rite of Confirmation. In the Christian Church, Confirmation is the public confession of our baptismal faith. Every day, we go back to our baptism and are reminded anew that we have been born again of water and the Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit lives within us and we are growing as His disciples. Preparation for the Rite of Confirmation is rooted in the study of God’s Word with a focus on its application to our daily lives. Preparation for the Rite of Confirmation differs according to the traditions and customs of each parish family.

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