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Every Sunday our Media Ministry team records and posts the sermon, children's message, and special music to the website in video form.

Each week, videos are viewed over this Web site on average of 80 times by members and non-members throughout the world. eTV video is viewed over 4,600 times per year and listened to over 6,000 times.

All services are provided free of charge. The Media Ministry equipment has been graciously supported by private donations and the Member Photo Directory project. Donations to better enhance and add equipment are always appreciated, as this ministry is not part of the regular church budget.

etv-logo.jpgeTV (Emmanuel Television)

All across campus are flat-panel LCD screens that list upcoming announcements for the church and school. Each week these announcements are updated and maintained by Media Ministry Team staff.

Praise + Worship Support

Each Sunday, the Praise + Worship 11 a.m. service requires a computer operator to run the main screens, environmental projection, lights, and sound. This is an integral part of the service. Volunteers are always needed to learn this service!

The website is maintained by multiple staff members at church to make sure announcements are timely and updated quickly. Visitors can download the latest bulletins, view photos from recent and past events, and catch up on the latest announcements at church.

Live Broadcast

At select times during the year, we livestream video of special services.

Hard of Hearing

In addition to broadcasting, recording, and live switching, we work to provide the best settings for services in the sanctuary. We offer hard of hearing receivers which broadcast the audio feed and give the listener control over how loud the audio signal they hear in their headsets, all within the sanctuary walls.These are available outside the main sanctuary double doors. Speak with an usher for help with these devices. 

Every year we take care of AV for:

• Select Weddings
• Concerts/Performances
• School & children performances
• Advent & Lenten worship services
• Praise + Worship media screens, lighting, and audio

Join the Team!

At every Sunday service we must be staffed with:

  • Video board operator (view samples)
  • Camera operator
  • Sound & Light board operator

You don’t have to be a professional audio engineer or video producer to join. We would love to have you if you have an interest in Audio/Visual Ministry. If you are interested in helping our media ministry, please contact: Kevin Lorenz