Sometimes technology just doesn’t want to cooperate. If you’re currently experiencing any technical issues at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Online, check out the FAQs below for some basic troubleshooting tips. If you still need assistance, follow the link at the end to let us know. We’re here to help!

Start Here

>> First, The Chrome Web Broswer works Best. Not using Chrome? Download it here!

Q. What if I am experiencing a technical issue?

A. Three great first steps to resolve any tech issue are:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Double-check your internet connection, and
  3. Try using a different web browser.

Nine times out of ten, one of those steps will do the trick!

Q. What does “refreshing” a page mean and how do I do it?

A. To “refresh” a web page simply means to load it again.

You can do this by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard or by clicking thesymbol at the top of the screen.

Q. How do I download a different web browser?

A. Click these links and follow the accompanying directions to download Chrome, or Firefox

Q. What do I do if the video suddenly stops playing?

A. If the video stops, refresh the page (see above). In some browsers, you may also need to click inside the video player to restart the video.

Q. How do I view the sermon notes or Bible?

A. If you are watching on a computer, use the tabs on the right top of the screen to scwicth between Chat, Notes, and Bible.